Road Justice

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Just five days left to support Cycling UK’s call for road justice – add your voice today!

Four years ago, the Government recognised that our road traffic laws weren’t working and promised a full review of traffic offences and penalties. Despite an estimated 2200 pedestrian and cyclist deaths since then, we’re still waiting for that review.

Instead, they have been consulting solely about cycling offences in England, Wales and Scotland, tinkering at the edges and ignoring the deeper problems with our road traffic laws.

An incredible 11,000 people have already added their voice to our call for the cycling offences review to be widened to consider other road traffic offences, and we know this is having an impact in Parliament: MPs now have the opportunity to attend a debate on this subject on 20th November.

However, with just five days left until the cycling offences consultation comes to a close, we need you to raise your voice too – it could help make the difference and secure the long overdue and sorely needed review of road traffic offences, making our road safer for everyone, when we’re walking, cycling or driving.

So please, take action today before the cycling offences consultation closes!

Huge thanks for your support.

Yours sincerely,
Duncan Dollimore
Head of Campaigns
Cycling UK

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